Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Getting Fired Up to Fuel or Refuel Motivation

"But then I fell off the wagon and I just can't seem to find my motivation again."

Honestly? The easiest route is to never fall of to begin with.....and that's way easier said than done.

But WAIT! Don't close the browser window just yet.

It would be great if we could, with 100% certainly count on a certain diet plan, or Beach Body Exercise System, or our local gym or personal trainer to maintain our motivation - but honestly? We can' least not long term.

If you want to be honest to goodness self sufficiently successful in the lifestyle changes you desire to make one of the most important keys is self motivation.

A second key is not waiting to locate sources of inspiration and motivation until your in a standoff with a Little Debbie's snack cake. Trust me, your mind won't be in the game. You may find a source of motivation but chances are it will cost you money and it may not happen until you've done an Olympic perfect dive into the snack cakes and come up chewing.

A third key is to find a variety of sources of inspiration in different forms. The youtube channel that does the trick today may not light your fire tomorrow. BUT, a book of quotations might be just the ticket, or maybe a website or a blog or a movie, or a walk along the river - you get the idea.

On that last note I'm going to share a YouTube video. In the video Montel Williams talks honestly about the lifestyle changes he's made - been forced to make - and the results. It will take time to watch it but you and I are worth that time. And best of all there's not a single variety of Little Debbie's snack cakes to be found. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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