Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Angiogenesis Inhibition take 2

I'm starting a second blog post on this subject because the first was turning into the longest blog post in the world, with added videos and links, etc. You can find that first post HERE.

I also wanted to say that I don't think very highly of the Dr. Oz touted green tea sold by the Angiogenesis Foundation. I don't trust any Foundation until I see what percentage of the money taken in goes back out in the form of research dollars. So I won't be buying their tea until I find out a bit more about them - but actually I don't need their tea - see my link below

My other issue is that one, or two or even 6 cups of tea a day really just act like a supplemental bandaid. When we think we can take the easy way out and drink some tea we're just kidding ourselves. Thinking it's as easy as a cup of tea also gives us permission to ignore the foods we're eating that may be completely off setting the small benefit we may get from that tea.

THIS WEBSITE talks about vegetables that have angiogenesis inhibiting abilities. The information is framed around cancer prevention.That's because cancerous tumors need a blood supply to exist and grow, cut off that blood supply and the tumor can't survive. Adipose tissue, good old body fat, needs a blood supply to exist and grow, cut off that supply and it can't exist. Who doesn't like a two for one bargain? 

This is a great explanation of how angiogenesis inhibition can conceivably prevent cancer. If you click on THIS link you'll see the page where I found the video. Below it are a bunch of great related videos.

This TED talk is simply THE best explanation of angiogenesis and how it relates to cancer and obesity and why food may be the answer. The obesity info begins around 14:42 but it's worth it to watch the entire presentation in order to get the full picture.

I've got to give Dr. Joel Fuhrman a huge nod. He nailed this concept in his book EAT TO LIVE  years before anyone else was thinking about it.

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