Friday, July 24, 2015

FDA approves new cholesterol drug....

.....and it will only cost $14,600.00 a year! Yet, I bet some people will be willing to spend that kind of money to take this drug. And, some of those folks will be the same folks who complain that eating a plant based diet is too expensive!!

You can read about this latest wonder drug HERE.

The question is whether this drug will be more effective than the current cardiology favorite, statin drugs are at preventing heart attacks. I mean, statins are effective at preventing heart attacks....right? They are!....... right? RIGHT??? Welllll actualllly NOT SO MUCH. (You'll need to read to the middle of the article to find the good 'er actually bad news.)

So what has this gal's plant based diet done for her cholesterol? Dropped my LDL ("L" for the "Lousy" cholesterol)  from around 108 at age 38 to 54 at age 59. Hmmmm 54 is in the same range as that new wonder drug is supposed to be able to drop LDL. Except know I didn't have eat $14,600.00 worth of vegetables to hit that number. I rest my case.

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