Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY Move to Detox Week

Ahhhhhhh in just under a week we'll be on a water taxi heading for Great Duck Island, Maine. There's only one inhabited house there - the one we'll be inhabiting for a week - and no roads, stores, cars, etc. etc. There is a light house on the other side of the island.

We'll be bringing in all of our food for the week. We plan on doing a good deal of walking as we explore the island. We're taking ETL compliant food and our Dr. Fuhrman Immersion Excursion DVDS so it will be a very healthy trip.

To that end, I decided to create a detox exercise rotation that I could take with me. (There's a DVD player and TV.) I decided that it had to be a rotation with lots of choices.

The rotation consists of three exercise segments per day. It's preferable to do them back to back but they could also be split up for convenience. I've been doing a test run of this rotation and so far I'm totally loving it!

This week is crunch week as I finish the final preparations for our trip so I'm going to try to come in each morning and share the rotation and a bunch of DVDS that can successfully be used to fulfill the three concepts that form each workout.

What are the three parts? Well I thought you would never ask! Movement of Energy, Movement of Lymph and Stretch to Ground and Center

That's it for today but here's a video of the wonders of GDI.

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