Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY Move to Detox Week: Movement of Lymph

You can find the first post of this series HERE and the second HERE.

For moving lymph my initial choices are three of my favorites. T-Tapp - bet you guessed that - Rebounding - preferably barefoot or in minimalist shoes and Walking - preferably barefoot or in minimalist shoes or sandals.

I started my test run using rebounding simply because this option won't be an option while we're on vacation. I'm using an excellent spring rebounder. It's very old. I actually bought it in 2002. It's been used semi-regularly, enough so as to wear the brand name off of the mat. It's still in good shape although I'm sure the bounce is now softer than a new one would be.

I'll be receiving a Bellicon Bungee rebounder for an early anniversary gift after we return home from vacation. I plan to review a bunch of rebounding DVDs from the stand point of using them on the softer bounce Bellicon comparing that to my Springer rebounder.

The DVDs I used so far are:

Starboard - Choosing this DVD was a no brainer. It's easy to craft a 15-20 minute workout at various intensities. It's filmed in a spa setting so it fits the feel of the rotation. You can read a full review of it HERE.  I'll update the review once I try it on the Bellicon.

Fit Prime and KickButt Parts: 6 Day Trainer 6 Day Slam - I've done the Dancey Moves sequence on the rebounder three times and enjoyed it more each time. The segment runs about 22 minutes and lends itself to the rebounder without modifications. The bigger the rebounder the more fun. I can't wait to try this on my Bellicon 49" rebounder! I'll update once I do. Actually, I'll probably do a full review of this DVD at some point. I really like it!

Bouncin in the house with Blanche Black -  Very pricey for the DVD but the download is less expensive if you do downloadable. It's a 20 minute beginner workout but it gets the job done. It has just enough easy to follow variety to keep the boredom factor low, though I do think it would become boring if you did it day in and day out. I'll update the review once I try it on the Bellicon.

Urban Rebounding Ballet Bound - I have this on an old compilation DVD. It runs about 28 minutes but it's easy to stop at 15 or 20 minutes. The lead, Tracey is a bit manic.She had been awarded the nickname "Miss Happy Pants" by some. I expected her to drive me crazy but she didn't. I'll update this or even do a separate review once I try this workout on the Bellicon.

Cardiolates - is another pricey DVD. It's easy to simply stop after 15-20 minutes. The twins bounce higher and roll forward pointing their feet so this one will feel different and possibly higher in intensity. I'll update this or even do a separate review once I try this workout on the Bellicon.

T-TAPP - There are a bunch of T-Tapp DVDs that can be used but my tendency is to reach for T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus. The length is perfect!

Next would be Step Away the inches which I reviewed HERE. Or Step it to the Max reviewed HERE.

T-TAPP Broom  has two walking segments that could work as well.


I just put in place markers for T-Tapp and walking. I promise I'll come back and add links to the workouts I'll be using as well as reviews. I'll also add more rebounding workouts over time. 

You can find the last post in this series HERE.

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