Monday, October 5, 2015

Rebounding - My New Bellicon Rebounder

Rebounding reminds me of bouncing on my bed as a child only it won't upset my Mother.

I've had a high quality rebounder since about 2002 (recently came upon a post I wrote about getting it). That rebounder has springs. I can't tell you the name brand because I've worn it off the mat.

Last month I moved up to the Mercedes-Benz of rebounder - a 49" Bellicon. Bellicon rebounder aren't cheap but they are a bargain because they are built to last and also built to maximize the benefits of rebounding.

Bellicon used to charge up to $100.00 for shipping but shipping is now free. They also have occasional specials. When I bought mine the included three DVDs worth $29.99 free of charge. I'm going to make an effort to review the 17 (I think it's 17) workouts they contain as I weave them into my workout rotations.

If you're a T-Tapper the rebounder can be an amazing adjunct to your workouts. But more about that later.

You can find out more about Bellicon Rebounders HERE I linked to the health benefits but there's a slew more info on the site. I'll talk more about it in future posts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lannette,so happy you got your Bellicon.
Just a quick question...Do you know if rebounding is okay for someone with lower back scoliosis (moderate)? It seems the internet is filled with both yes it is good and no it is not good. Wondering if you know of anything or can point me in the right research direction (besides the if it feels good it must be alright) that the Dr. gave me.

lucia said...

Hey Lannette, I am happy you got your Bellicon.
I was wondering if you know/or can point me in the right direction to research whether or not rebounding is advisable for someone with lower back scoliosis. (Moderate). The internet is full of double info...yes, good, no, it compresses...
My own dr. left me with the dubious...if it feels good, it's alright. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

Lannette Madden said...

Hi Lucia,

I think perhaps both of these comments came from you since they're so similar.

I looked in the resources and came up with very little on rebounding with scoliosis. There are a view absolute contraindications such as detached retina, cervical spine instability, and in some publications pregnancy.

If you had surgery for your scoliosis, especially if you have spinal rods I wouldn't recommend rebounding without an ok from your surgeon even if your surgery was years ok. It's also not recommended if you have degenerative scoliosis.

I can see where you wouldn't want to buy a rebounder and then find out it leaves you in pain.

Does your condition give you pain?
What kind of fitness activities do you currently enjoy?
Do you have away of experiencing rebounding briefly (your gym or a friend's rebounder)
before you buy?

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can both be benefited by gentle rebounding routines. For that reason and given the fact that your doctor hasn't discouraged you, I would think gentle health bouncing, where your feet stay on the mat would be ok. Walking in place on the mat may be ok as well.

It looks like your physician isn't against it.