Saturday, November 28, 2015

First Step Workout 1 With Barre Warm-up

This workout is a streaming workout. I type that with a sense of glee because I've never been able to stream any workout longer than 10 minutes and even then not reliably but this one streams perfectly. You can get more information or purchase this workout HERE.

T-Tapp has had a player designed that allows even those on DSL to stream workouts. I'm pretty sure that it might even work with dial up though I'd suggest you check to be sure.

Ok, enough about the player. Let's talk workout.

The Barre workout provides a delicious 5-6 minutes minute lower, middle and even upper back warm-up and stretch. You can use either a Barre, a sturdy railing or a kitchen sink. I've tried all three and they all work.

The workout is awesome. It's an hour long and leaves you feeling worked, stretched and very balanced. I've done it three times now and. Each time I've been left feeling as if I'd had a deep tissue massage.

There's a good reason for this. First Step Workout 1 not only targets full fiber muscle activation and lymphatic movement but also mobilizes the fascia.

If you don't know what fascia is think of a chicken leg. If you pull off the skin. That shiny tissue is fascia. Each muscle cell, fiber and muscle are surrounded by fascia. We are literally bags of fascia. It's the stuff that holds us together.

It can become stuck to itself and when it does it hurts. It can be over stretched or short and tight and when it is, it hurts. Many, many times when we think a muscle is injured it may be a fascial alteration. Massage can fix this but so can T-Tapp First Step 1. Release and balance fascia and pain disappears. It's amazing!

To be honest I never want to workout an hour. It's hard to find a block of time that long. But I'm finding it for a First Step 1 bootcamp. Every workout has left me more balanced and calm than the last. I find myself wanting to find that hour.

The workout follows the structure and movements of the basic workout plus though each movement is slowed down and tweaked to insure greater muscle activation and target fascial release.

There's another aspect of this workout that I'm not sure people will catch onto.  When I work hard while doing this workout. My muscles become tired. Yet, when I finish I'm chilled, calm, relaxed.

So many people approach weight loss by doing "puke in a bucket" workouts. They aim to beat their body into submission. While that approach works for some it is actually self defeating for many more. Those kinds of extreme workouts activate our Sympathetic Nervous System. That's our fight and flight nervous system and when you activate it an entire hormonal cascade takes place. This cascade temporarily increases blood sugar which, increases insulin release. This can actually encourage fat storage.

Contrast this with a workout that leaves you feeling pleasantly worked, yet relaxed and calm. That's the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The rest and relax nervous system - no fat encouraging hormonal cascade!

I can't wait to try First Step workouts 2 & 3! When I do I'll review them both.

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