Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reversing Belly Fat With Restorative Exercise, Therapeutic Massage and Healthy Eating - The Problem

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Yes, it's definitely possible to reverse belly fat - even if you have the body type where your legs are very thin while your midriff never seems to decrease in size, even with sizable weight loss.

The person who has thin legs and a hard round belly faces an uphill battle but that is not to say you can't significantly reduce your middle. Those of us who gain inches more evenly and find our waistband  tightening simply see faster results.

So first off, why does the first body type I described have a tougher time reducing? Simply put, because there is more going on.

1. The body type I described with those thin legs most likely has a short lower rib to hip bone length and a short torso. This leaves less room for abdominal organs, which makes obtaining a flat abdomen difficult under the best of circumstances. Add in extra fat and the excess has no where else to go but out front!

2. A hard round belly is a sure give away that the person has intra-abdominal fat in and around their abdominal organs. This fat is the worst kind. It signals poor glucose utilization and insulin resistance, though not necessarily Diabetes. It also signals a higher risk for chronic disease including heart disease and Diabetes. Tough news to swallow but all of it can be reversed.

3. You don't carry around excess belly fat and maintain good postural alignment. The excess weight of the abdominal fat has a tendency to pull the pelvis out of alignment. The tilting of the pelvis allows the organs and fat inside the abdominal cavity to fall forward, which makes the belly bigger, which pulls the pelvis further out of alignment, which....well you get the picture.

4. The discussion wouldn't be complete without covering weak abdominal muscles. Weak abdominals allow the contents of the abdominal cavity to fall forward. This sets off the cascade discussed in #3. above.

Those are the major reasons why we have abdominal. Pudge, next time we'll discuss what. To do about it.

One scenario I didn't mention when I wrote this post is rib thrusting. Rib thrusting leads to weak abdominals (#4). At some point I'll do an entire post on rib thrusting. I'm a reformed rib thruster so I know first hand the havoc it can wreak and how it can hide postural distortion.

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