Friday, November 13, 2015

Reversing Belly Fat With Restorative Exercise, Therapeutic Massage, and Healthy Eating: The Fix

Before: with belly flattening tights underneath
Progress: No belly reducing tights underneath.
Notice that the front to back girth has gotten smaller.
To blast belly fat (no matter what your age) you need to take a four prong approach. I can hear you. "Wait a minute! Four prong? You only talked about three approaches in the subject line!"  Yes, but I'd be totally remiss if I didn't mention sleep.

1. Sleep - Lack of sleep sets off a hormonal cascade that encourages weight gain. You won't get far with a goal if you aren't sleeping well. 

2. Healthy Eating - This is very important if you want to improve glucose utilization and increase your body's sensitivity to insulin. Basically you want to cut back or eliminate processed foods in favor of whole foods. Dr. Ann Kulze , MD has some great free educational resources on her website. She also walks her talk. Dr. Michael Greger, MD uses valid scientific studies to explore and educate us on healthy eating and like Dr. mules, walks his talk.  

Chances are you're thinking, "But I already eat healthy." It never hurts to review what you're eating day to day, create some dietary goals and see how your body responds. I promise, you'll be amazed!

3. Exercise - Ideally you'll choose exercise methods that fit your lifestyle, goals and that you find enjoyable. 

The simplest exercise program is walking, though depending upon your climate it can be challenging. 

Rebounding can be a great indoor cardio option. (Have I mentioned that I love my Bellicon?) The cool thing about a rebounder is that you can take it outdoors in good weather. Try that with a treadmill! 

I still consider T-Tapp to be hands down the most time efficient exercise. You get cardio, strength, postural realignment, mind/body work, and better digestive assimilation in one compact workout! 

All that said, I want your exercise sessions to leave you feeling like a kid on a playground. Together we can turn any physical activity that you find enjoyable into the centerpiece of the program that will reverse your glucose utilization issues, decrease your health risk and change the contours of your body in very real ways.

4. Therapeutic Massage - I didn't put this last because it's less effective than what comes before. Massage Therapy can help reduce stress, which can help improve sleep. By assessing for postural deviations and using massage therapy along with restorative exercises you reverse those body changes more quickly than could be done with exercise alone. A body in alignment looks and feels younger, functions better and usually feels less pain.

OK! If the thought of all those changes leaves you feeling overwhelmed please read on.

The process of change can begin with the smallest of goals. 

For instance:

1.  Consistently perform one action that will, over time improve your sleep.

2. Consistently trade one processed food for a whole food alternative.

3. Consistently perform 5 minutes of rehabilitative stretches/exercises chosen with your postural distortions in mind.

4. Massage sessions at intervals that fit your budget. (My Posture Plus 60 special makes this really simple so ask about it.)

If you think that sounds too easy to bring about change you're wrong! I have clients who are told they look great and asked what they're doing who started out this very way. 

Start small, observe for and verbally celebrate your successes and before you know it you'll be feeling confident enough to make bigger changes and see even greater success. 

As Teresa Tapp says, "Yes you can!"

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