Monday, November 9, 2015

Reversing "Fat" Inner Knees With Exercise And Massage Therapy

Over the course of many years I've often seen T-Tapp reverse inner knee pudge. I assumed that it was simply muscle activation leading to a decrease in fat. That's probably true but it's not necessarily the only reason for this occurrence.

When I did my Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Certification I learned that Adductor Magnus (AM) and Semimembranosus (SM) reside in same fascial bag.
This makes little sense because AM is an adductor and SM is part of the hamstring group. Coincidentally, both Adductor Magnus and the Hamstrings are innervated by the Sciatic Nerve. Maybe this is why they were slipped in the same bag? If Ida Rolf and Erik Dalton couldn't figure it out I'm sure I won't so I'm just going with it, no questions asked.

When alignment is off and a muscle is unable to do its job correctly it's not unusual for other muscles to try to assume the job of the weak, injured or inhibited muscle. This is just the body's way of keeping on keeping on. Unfortunately, this is how bigger alignment issues and pain syndromes begin.

So it turns out that sometimes the Semimembranosus moves over to try to share the job of the Adductor Magnus. This creates what Dalton and Ida Rolf call a "pineapple" on the inner knee. It changes the shape of the leg and if prominent enough can even give the legs a knock knee appearance. It looks like a fat inner knee.

The good news is that this can be reversed through simple restorative exercises and massage techniques. This powerful one, two punch takes away the "fat knee"
appearance as it restores proper muscular function,  which can relieve pain.

So I know you're wondering what you can do on your own. As I mentioned above T-Tapp is most definitely capable of decreasing or even outright abolishing knee pudge.
You can try the T-Tapp exercise, AWESOME LEGS for free.

For a more personalized approach that includes deep tissue massage to align the entire body, local clients can call for a "Posture Plus 60" session. I'm running a special where I'll do an initial evaluation, provide initial exercises and give a full body deep tissue massage. All for the price of a 60 minute massage.

If you live at a distance please know that I'm working on a Skype program that will include self massage techniques as well as initial evaluation and restorative exercises. If this interests you please contact me.

Adding to this post to say that I believe that T-Tapp also helps the Adductor Magnus do its job correctly, which would help the semimembranosus go back to it's official muscular duties. The deep tissue techniques I use just speed up the process by moving the displaced semimembranosus back where it belongs. Also wanted to add that the stance described HERE would also help slim down knees.


Linda Osmond said...

Great article, Lannette! I had an excellent massage session from a friend who does Aston Patterning. Are you familiar with it? I assume so, since you mentioned Rolfs. It appears to have much in common with T-Tapp, which we both know and love. Thanks for keeping us educated! ��

Lannette Madden said...

Thank you Linda. I've heard of Aston Patterning but am not certified and have never experienced the method. Two of my favorite massage gurus, Erik Dalton and Thomas Myers studied with Ida Rolf so I was naturally drawn to her work.