Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Step Workout 2

This is a T-Tapp streaming workout that I tried for the first time yesterday. I reviewed First Step Workout 1 HERE.  With First Step Workout 2 Teresa Tapp adds tweaks designed to increase muscle activation and get into the fascia more deeply. I actually felt a few fascial restrictions release while doing this workout.

The workout follows the same pattern as First Step Workout 1 but it moves more briskly and builds upon the base that First Step Workout 1 establishes. The workout clocks in just under an hour but the time passes quickly.

I can see myself using this workout for regular rehabilitative sessions.

I'll add any additional thoughts I may have as I continue to use the workout. Once I try the third workout in the series I'll post a review of it as well.

You can purchase this workout HERE

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