Tuesday, December 8, 2015

First Step Workout 3

I finally tried this workout today and loved it! It clocks in at about 61 minutes. I was so happy about that! I can, with effort squeeze an hour long session of exercise on some days but more than that done in one block of time is near impossible these days.

There are fewer water breaks in this workout and the hour flew by for me. The structure of the workout is the same as the other two but there are quite a few additional muscle activation tips.

As with the other workouts this one left me feeling as if I'd had deep tissue work on my back, hips and shoulders. I also felt that deep core heat and sweat that, for me signals my metabolism revving.

This series of three workouts will be great mixed in with some of the faster moving workouts like the Tempos. The sale price is currently still showing up HERE.

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debcats said...

Love this workout! My new favorite