Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How Not To Die

I'm so excited about THIS BOOK! It was just released yesterday and since I preordered the kindle version it was already on my paperwhite when I woke up. I've been binge reading it ever since.

It's written by Dr Greger of That means the book is totally based on solid research and written without the bias that so often comes when a medical author receives money from big pharma, food or anyone else with an agenda to sell something.

The kindle version is beautifully hyperlinked. The book has separate chapters that each explain how to avoid certain chronic diseases or improve your health if you already suffer from that disease. This, along with Dr. Greger's entertaining writing style takes scientific facts and makes them understandable and yes, even entertaining.

But here's the very best part. Dr. Greger not only explains what foods we shouldn't be eating but tells us what foods we should be eating and - this is the best part - how much of each type of food! He makes it simple, so so simple. He also gives information on what studies have revealed about exercise. This book contains an entire health makeover.

This is why I think this book is a must read for anyone who doesn't want to die before their time. "Getting Old is not for sissies."  How many times have I heard people say that. The truth is that "Getting Old and sick is not for sissies!" Fortunately the sick part could be optional.

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