Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Free, 100% FREE "Soup to Nuts" Fitness Program

I recently came upon a link to LiveFit Revolution and was blown away by the amount of information and support that they provide - and it's all FREE!

I signed up and began to poke around sure that at any minute I'd find the "catch." Maybe a link that announced that after the first week the program would cost $X.XX. I found nothing, not so much as an affiliate link.

What I found was an eating plan that while based upon animal foods does provide plenty of vegetables, limited fruit servings, limited whole grains, daily flax seed and nuts and NO processed food, not even processed  "health" food. The menu contains limited vegetarian/vegan protein choices and it's suggested that vegetarians/vegans should consult a dietician to be certain that their needs are met. It's also stated that the first 6 weeks of the plan is quite limited but it opens up with additional choices after that 6 weeks. I'm not encouraging anyone who follows a healthy plant based meal plan to jump ship. I'm making note that for someone who frequently eats take out, fast food, restaurant food or processed "ready to eat" food this plan is a big step up. The clip above is one of the recipe videos you can find on the website.

There is also a very complete exercise program. It consists of walking, a weekly cardio challenge, some flexibility and strength training in the form of a progressive KettleBell Program.  The Exercise program is extremely well presented. There are tutorials on getting started, how to choose a Kettlebell and instructional videos on each of the KB movements that the program uses. There are also separate streaming KB workouts - four of them for week 1 alone and a weekly video that describes the cardio challenge of the week. The only thing left to your imagination is the 30 minute daily walk you are instructed to take.

In addition to all this there is motivation! Motivational videos (tons of them), success pictures and stories, a community forums section and even a personal blog should you want it.

They have an very robust YouTube channel. 

I'd love to say that I'm going to follow the program and review every video but I know that's not going to happen. If time allows (and my wonky internet connection cooperates) I may do the first video and review it. I must disclose that I've tried to love KB training multiple times in multiple ways and it never seems to "take" for me. I don't want my personal bias to stop me from giving this Free program the kudos it deserves.

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