Monday, April 18, 2016

LiveFit Revolution KB Workouts 1&2

Yesterday I tried the Week 1 Day 1 LiveFit Revolution KB Workout. It's a streaming workout which usually don't work for me but for some reason it was fine. The workout lasts approximately 41 minutes and is aimed at beginners but by using a heavier KB a more advanced person could use the workout.

The workout is set in a large room. Participants stand and work out in a circle. They each have an exercise mat and a KB. The instructor, Alysia Gadon, is both ACE and RKC Certified and holds multiple additional Certifications.

The class is a live class. There is no music. Despite this I found this workout more helpful than any of the other KB dvds I've tried. The reason for this is that Alysia is skilled at keeping the class moving while correcting the participants in a way that helped me better understand KB form. Her corrections do no slow down the workout.

Alysia assumes we are new to KBs and teaches each move before we do it. I didn't mind this because I need a form review. The website also has a printout of the exercises, sets and reps for each workout. I found this helpful on day 2. The workout ends with a thorough and actually, for me, relaxing stretch. I can't say I totally enjoyed this workout but I did feel engaged and energized once we were finished.

Today I did the Week 1 Day 2 workout. I didn't expect to want to do it but when I looked at the printout it seemed like a big jump from Day1 and I was curious about the back to back workouts. Alysia explains that the two workouts are different because they are being done two days in a row. Day 2 did feel easier. It actually felt as though it built upon day 1.

The workout "hung" on my computer twice and I was happy to have the printout each time it did. I didn't need as much recovery as was built in - I probably need a heavier KB. I was shocked to find that I actually enjoyed this workout! The workout clocked at around 49 minutes and again ended with the stretch sequence from day 1. Alysia only takes the time to stop and introduce the new exercises though she does a great job with form review as we move through the moves we had on day 1 .

I almost forgot...we are encouraged to perform some self bring blood into our muscles after our shower.

We are encouraged to walk 30 minutes a day in addition to the KB training. I had a previous appointment with my Bellicon so I rebounded for 30 minutes each day.

Day three of the program is cardio (walking) only.

I'm not sure if I'll try Day 4 or not. If I do, I'll definitely review the workout. I'm definitely curious about whether or not they do two more KB sessions back to back again.

I definitely think this program has real value, especially given the fact that it's free.

I have some thoughts on the eating plan but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Editing this workout review to say that I definitely used the word definitely too many times. I definitely won't do that on my next review. ;)

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