Saturday, April 30, 2016

LiveFit Revolution Update

Yes, I'm still swinging kettlebells (KBs) and enjoying it. I've wanted to write an update  but haven't had time until this morning.

So here it is:

The workouts start at a beginner's level but can be amped up by using heavier KBS. I'm using the videos along with the paper often taking shorter breaks than the participants.

You are told that you'll make fast strength gains and I appear to have done so though perhaps it's more a function of learning better form than real strength. As of today I'm halfway through week 3. I started Week 1 with a 10# KB and am now using 20# for most moves. I'm flirting with moving up to 26# - at least for swings - next week. (The full warm up, which we built up to as of yesterday consists of a total of 120 swings) This sounds like it would be hard to accomplish but it was done so systematically that you hardly notice it.

If you have a question about form you can post and Jason comes in and answers - I needed guidance with snatches. No sign of Alysia so far.

I think for me having a progressive program where each workout was filmed live and is different is the ticket. I also don't feel the need to do the hardest workouts out there so that helps.

For the first 6 weeks you do four KB WOs a week with daily cardio (30 minutes) and one Cardio Challenge. So far I've used my Bellicon for daily cardio and did a Cathe Step DVD in place of a stair climbing challenge. I've also snuck in some T-Tapp. I'm no KB expert - not even close - but it feels as though we're simultaneously building up a repertoire of moves while perfecting form and building base strength.

After 6 weeks you do two planned KB WOs, add another type of WO and are supposed to choose a previous KB WO from the site. If I make it that long - taking this a week at a time - I may try pulling out some of my older KB DVDs to see how they feel. The daily cardio and weekly cardio challenge continues.

There are a total of 30 weeks of workouts on the site. I do not know if there is repetition in later weeks.

Anyway a shout out to Bee! Thanks so much for introducing me to this site!

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