Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Board

I just put together Living Life Lighter.   I've been wanting to write reviews of various Callanetics, Essentrics, Pilates, Pilatesology, Rebounding and yes even T-Tapp workouts. I may even throw a few weight training and cardio reviews in there and eventually books too. The thing is, I want them easily accessible for myself.

I also wanted a new place to share my workouts, rotations and healthy recipes, again, easily accessible.  

I decided upon a message board. You can find it HERE. I only left two forums totally open because I don't need trolls or other internet nasties messing things up. That means you need to become a member to see all of the different areas and add your thoughts, reviews, recipes and questions or answers to others' questions - but it's free and hopefully fun.

If you've fallen off the workout wagon I challenge you to post a check in thread and get right back on! If you're trying to eat better or lose weight it's ok to post a thread for that or combine food and workout check ins. There's also a place to talk about various self care modalities.

I just got started 24 hours ago so it's pretty bare bones but I hope to see you there! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Definition isn't going to show up as long as you're doing heavy load, high reps with your fork and spoon. You can't out run what you can eat! Rome wasn't built in a day! Patience grasshopper, patience.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Great Video on Eating and Enjoying Plant Based Foods

I hope THIS LINK works.

If you are curious about the down dirty and real facts about health and either plant foods or animal foods this website is the only truly and 100% unbiased source that I'm aware of. You owe it to your health to at least check it out!