Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What to Expect During A Massage Therapy Session

This is a short but informative video on what to expect during a massage therapy session. I don't have repeat clients fill out a new intake form with each visit but I do ask that they update me on any changes in their health history and we do review what their goals are for the session.
I also tend to use draping that's a bit more secure than shown in the video.

I can't begin to express how important communication is between therapist and client. That doesn't mean that there must be a steady stream of conversation. It means that your therapist needs to take time to establish and clarify your goals for the session. If at any point you feel that those goals aren't being met you need to speak up.

There are times when more conversation is needed. An example would be when the session goal is to relieve a tight, painful area and the therapist needs your feedback on pressure and/or discomfort levels.

Good communication with your therapist will provide a better massage experience now and allow you to experience more prolonged benefits after your massage is completed.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Has Sprung: Playing Hooky

"If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall."  ~Nadine Stair

As I typed that subject line I wondered how many people who read it would understand what "playing hooky" is.

I'm quite late in getting this "thought for the weekend" up on the blog. So late in fact that it's more of a thought for the week.

Spring has sprung and we had a beautiful weekend. I decided to play hooky from blog posts and concentrate on all things garden and home.

We've planned our biggest and best garden ever for this year. That's not saying much as we typically don't plant a huge garden. That doesn't change the fact that it's a big in comparison to previous gardens and a huge commitment for us to undertake.

We've taken the first step in the kitchen redo. Not a huge step but a step and thus a commitment to move forward none-the-less. Hey, We're going to need an organized, up to date space in which to cook all those vegetables we'll be harvesting, right?

Friday, April 26, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: Schedule Ideas 1

As promised, here are a few ideas of how you can put short T-Tapp workouts together.
I'm going to use the category keywords, Standing, Walking, Floor and Recovery. I'll
give an example of the very shortest of workouts you could choose out of that category
but you can choose which ever workout you prefer.

Taking it Easy, great for anytime you need a break but want to stay accountable
Day 1: Standing: Basic Workout Plus (BWO+)
Day 2: Walking: Step Away the Inches (SATI)
Day 3: Recovery: Warm-up Workout from Senior Fit (WUWO)
Day 4: Standing: BWO+
Day 5: Walking: SATI
Days 6 and 7: Recovery: WUWO
(You could replace SATI or BWO+ in the above schedule for Floor)

Kicking it up: Taking it up one notch from the above schedule
Day 1: Standing: BWO+
Day 2: Walking: SATI
Day 3: Floor: HTF moves I highlighted
Day 4: Standing: BWO+
Day 5: Walking: SATI
Day 6: Floor: HTF  moves I highlighted
Day 7: Recovery: WUWO

Doubles done sanely
Day2: AM-BWO+   PM-Floor
Days 4,5 and 6 repeat the above schedule
Day 7 WUWO
The above schedule also works well if you use Healthy Hormones Menopause Management
(under 30 minutes) in place of BWO+ on one or all days. If you do that I would keep the
evening workouts short to avoid turning this into a Bootcamp of sorts - unless of course it's
a Bootcamp you're looking for.

 Times running out so I'm going to wrap this up. I just want to add that these short workouts can be great if you're trying to become more consistent with workouts but tend to burn out or hurt yourself when you attempt consistency. It's natural to scoff at the idea of a 15-20 minute workout but when it's T-Tapp every movement is doing triple duty so it works!

Another thing I see often is someone who is "afraid" to slow down and yet is being beat up by their current exercise schedule. A week or two at a slower pace isn't going to hurt you and just might help. Believe me, if you don't stop and give your body recovery time it will eventually demand it - usually in the form of an injury or bone deep exhaustion.

So what do you have to lose? Inches! Give it a try. ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: Floor Work

So I've highlighted short standing, Walking, and recovery workouts. Today I want to touch upon floor work and then we'll be ready to play with putting things together.

Floor Work is a love/hate concept for most people. People love the idea of being able to "rest" on  the floor while they workout. Many people hate the actual movements that we tend to do when we perform floor work. Choosing shorter workouts can help you take away some of the dread of floor work while maintaining the benefits - and I promise you there are benefits.

I already talked about my favorite short floor series HERE.

I outlined the fact that the movements are all available for free on the T-Tapp site and linked to them for ease. If you're reading this and are new to T-Tapp this is a great way to experience the movements and power of those movements. As previously mentioned you will receive a DVD that covers Hoedowns, Advanced Hoedowns, Organs in place and Half Frogs when you purchase the book "Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes." (also available on Amazon.com) The floor movements I previously mentioned plus pretzel twist are available on THIS DVD.

Hit the Floor: is another great option. HTF is a 30 minute floor workout that really packs a punch. You can purchase it HERE and receive both the original HTF and also the Hit the Floor Softer DVD. HTF Softer was originally designed for use with weighted shoes but it works quite well without. It runs 37 minutes and so comes in just outside of the 30 minute window but is still a great workout. I hope to eventually have time to talk about ways that these and other T-Tapp DVDs can be shortened by doing part of the workout rather than doing it completely when time is exceptionally tight.

I'm out of time for this morning but I plan to add onto this post by reviewing other workouts over time.  My lofty goal is to review each and every T-Tapp DVD available. That will take some time but is also sure to keep me tapping on a regular basis - total win win. If you want to join me with the rotations and schedules I post we can compare experiences as we shrink together. LOL!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: Recovery and Realignment

Once again I'm going to choose a workout that I've reviewed previously but again for a very good reason. People have a tendency - and I've said this before as well - to decide that they want to "get in shape" and "hit it hard" without ever thinking about the concept of muscle recovery.

I'm writing this post to remind us all how very important the concept of recovery is. It becomes even more important as we get older. There are multiple non-T-Tapp workouts I could list as "recovery" workouts and at some point I'll probably put up a post that contains that list for those who want to mix programs. Today I want to highlight the Senior Fit Warm-up Workout. I wrote a review of the entire DVD HERE. and HERE.

The Warm-up workout section of this DVD is 16 minutes long and therefore fits brilliantly into the concept of shorter workouts. I consider it to be recovery oriented and yet it's recovery with a purpose.

I think that the idea that recovery has to be "just rest" or an activity that really doesn't have a purpose beyond rest is what gets to some people. Teresa Tapp changed that. This sweet little segment realigns even as it provides you with muscle recovery. Combining realignment with recovery is going to make your next workout that much more effective, which allows you to rest assured that it's not only "ok" to take a recovery day but an important part of the plan to move you to a healthier place.

I totally believe that this workout DVD is worth every penny because of the variety of workouts it provides. I'll highlight additional uses in the future but I do understand that you might not be in a place where you can run out and buy it right this second.

If that is the case there is a back sequence on the T-Tapp site that can be used for realignment and rest as part of any T-Tapp program. You can find it HERE.

 I'll add to this post or put up another that highlights additional short recovery workouts in the future.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: T-Tapp Step Away the Inches

Step Away the Inches is another of my favorite T-Tapp workouts. During the 60 day challenge I couldn't get enough of these workouts.

If you're a fan of another well known "Walking" workout you might be tempted to consider Step Away the Inches to be "just another walking workout." I'm here to tell you that you'd be missing much of this workout's magic by making that assumption.

Like all the other T-Tapp workouts this one packs more punch than might initially meet the eye. I reviewed the original Step Away the Inches DVD HERE. I also reviewed the Step It To The Max DVD HERE. In those reviews I outline why I believe that these workouts are so special. You can also find links to purchase both of these DVDs on the review pages I linked to above.

The original Step Away the inches comes in just under 25 minutes. Step it to the Max is about 30 minutes long so both fit into my 15-30 minute Miracle Workout designation. But here's something that a lot of people don't even think about. There are various shortened versions of Step Away the Inches available on other T-Tapp DVDs. I'm going to list them and the DVDs they're on.

T-Tapp Broom has two workouts that fit this designation. Walking Workout 1 is 15 minutes long and Walking Workout 2 is 28+ minutes long. I'm planning on doing a full review of this DVD soon. I love the addition of the broom.

The TappCore DVD has a nice 6+ minute Stepping segment. It's great to use as an add on or to extend the time you can do a set of hoedowns, do the stepping segment and then do another set of hoedowns.

T-Tapp More has another 9 minute SATI Segment plus a 7 minute T-Tapp Broom segment. They can be done together or separately depending upon your needs and time you have available.

Once I get enough of these Minute Miracle Workout lists posted to the blog I'll begin putting together some "short on time" rotations and weekly workout schedules using these workouts but for now just getting the lists up is keeping me busy. But not too busy to fit a short workout into each day. ;)


Monday, April 22, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts

They aren't really a miracle but they sure can seem like one when you're sure you're too busy to exercise, let alone stay in shape.

These aren't the only workouts I do and I very often get more than 15 minutes of activity into a day but THEY ARE the workouts I turn to when I'm so busy that I feel like throwing my hands up in defeat.

No matter how busy the day I can almost always get at least one of these sweet little slices of movement into my day. I often enjoy the first one so much that I make it a point to do a second one later in the day.

I've written about many of these workouts in the past but I'll highlight then again, one at a time, explaining what I enjoy about them. A lot of them - quite possibly the majority - will be T-Tapp workouts. When you're going short on time you want every single second to matter and T-Tapp achieves that like nothing else I've ever experienced.

So drum roll puleez.

The first workout is T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus. You're probably getting sick of hearing me talk about this workout but honestly it's an amazing sequence that packs more than you can begin to imagine into 18 brief minutes. It covers alignment, strength, cardio, stress reduction and more.

If you can only memorize one T-Tapp workout this is the one to memorize. That way you'll never be without it. That said, I don't recommend a steady stream of doing it without the DVD because most people will tend to speed up when doing it on their own and get deeper into form when using the DVD. It's still nice to have the sequence in your head in pinch. 

If you already own this workout pull it out and dust it off. If you don't own it you can purchase it HERE.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Use Soap But Not Just Any Soap

In a past post I mentioned that I've also simplified my hair routine. I figured while I'm letting it all hang out I'd go ahead and blog about it.

I decided I wanted to simplify my hair routine too. At this point it's still a project in evolution but I can share where I am at the moment.

Hairdressers will shudder when I share this but yes, I have been using soap to shampoo my hair - specifically "Black Soap." If you use permanent color or even temporary color on your hair I can't atttest to what this soap would do to it. As I've mentioned, I use color a few times a year - it washes out in less than a month. I don't see a huge change with using the black soap but that's me. Remember that your milage may vary.

If I had more time I'd explain what Black Soap is but because I'm time crunched and since a great explanation is available on line I'll create a link instead.

I use the black soap to wash my hair and at this point I'm still using a dime sized dollop of Suave humectant conditioner. I plan to move to every other day with the conditioner this week and then go longer and longer between until I'm not using it at all. Why Suave? I read that it doesn't contain gluten. I can get a really bad rash on the back of my neck near my hairline with many products and Suave doesn't cause the rash. Neither do the soap and/or oil that I've  been using.

Once I towel dry my hair I put a tiny squirt of Kelechi Oil in my hand, rub my hands together and distribute it through my hair. Then run my fingers though it allowing it to dry until I finish with my brief skin moisturizing/make-up routine. Then I hit it very briefly with a hair dryer to finish it off.

I used to use shampoo, conditioner, and two hair products so I'm down one product. I also condition my hair with my own mixture of shea butter and jojoba oil from time to time. As I've slowly pared down my routine my hair has felt more and more healthy.

For local clients I plan to give out little sample bars of black soap once I find the time to cut and package them.

I purchase my black soap, shea butter and kelechi oil from the company I linked to above. Please note that while their products are great their shipping is slower than molasses in the dead of winter. It took over a month for my last order to get to me! I continue to order from them  because their products are pure and an excellent value for the money.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thought For The Weekend: Being Aware Of Our Thoughts

“All of our behavior results from the thoughts that preceded it. So the thing to work on is not your behavior but the thing that caused your behavior, your thoughts.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer

The above quote is so true!  Yet, in order to work on our thoughts we must first be aware of them.  In order to be aware of our thoughts we must first be in the moment.

It's a huge goal that simply begins with this moment we're in.

Something to ponder....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Trials and Tribulations of Portion Control

After having such great results with my Cholesterol Numbers I've decided to work on - and I do mean really work on - portion control and paying attention to my hunger signals.

It's been harder than I expected but also more rewarding than I expected. One of the benefits has been that I've been trying a ton of easy prep and new - to me - recipes.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I was hungry more than full for the first week. That was a downer but it let me know that I've probably been over eating, at least mildly. The hunger is settling down now and I'm happy to report that food tastes soooo wonderful when you're not eating more than you need - even when that food is quite simply prepared.

One of our favorite recipes is roasted tomatoes. You can roast a full tomato that's been cut in half but I prefer to cut cherry tomatoes or those yummy tiny heirloom tomatoes.

This is how I roast them:

1. wash and cut 1-3 packages of heirloom tomatoes in half and place them in an appropriate size bowl with a snap on lid. (I'm talking about the tiny, cherry tomato sized heirlooms)

2. I add 1/8 cup of balsamic vinegar, about a teaspoon of  onion powder and another of garlic powder. 1 tsp. -1 tablespoon of oregano depending upon the number of tomatoes I'm roasting. A nice dash of rosemary and a tiny drizzle of Braggs Aminos.

3. Put the lid on and gentle shake to totally coat all the tomatoes. You can marinate them for 30 minutes if you have the time. Be sure to shake them at least twice if you do that.

4. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread the tomatoes out evenly.

5. Bake them in an oven at about 275 F for an hour to and hour and 15 minutes. They'll be shriveled and become very fragrant when they they're finished.

I like to pack them up into these small glass containers I have and pop them into the fridge. You can toss a serving over a salad or over whole wheat pasta or brown rice for extra flavor. Or just eat them on their own. Roasting intensifies the aroma and flavor and that intensifies the satisfaction of eating them. Yum!

I can't wait until later this year when I'll be able to roast our home grown tomatoes, hopefully in our outdoor oven.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letting the Real Me Show Through

I promised a review of Cindy Joseph's BOOMSTICK trio and here it is! I love this trio! Using them allows me to cut back my morning routine and save time. I also don't have to worry about what chemicals I might be applying to my face because BOOMSTICKS are pure enough to apply to your lips. Any make-up you can apply to your lips has to be edible.

The BOOMSTICK Trio goes by the names of GLO, GLIMMER and COLOR.

GLO is the same formulation as BOOMSILK except that it has more beeswax in it. I love it as a little extra TLC for my under eye area. It's also great on my lips.

GLIMMER is this natural beige color with a tiny bit of - well - glimmer. I use it as an all over eye shadow and face highlighter (cheekbones, center of the nose etc.). It can also be used as lipstick or in the center of the lip on top of GLO but I haven't tried that yet.

BOOMSTICK COLOR is the amazing plum brown color. I use it as blush, eye contour and lip stain/gloss.

Note: I had no problem with creasing with any of the BOOMSTICKS no matter where I wore them on my face.

Cindy tells you that both BOOMSTICK GLOW and COLOR will work for any skin tone and I believe it! I tend to have a tough time finding cosmetic colors for my skin tone and yet both of these are perfect. Apparently it's because they're sheer enough that your natural color shows through. They don't cover up your face. They blend with your natural skin tone and leave your skin looking and feeling soft and dewy.

I'm loving using these three products along with BOOMSILK to pare down my morning routine.

Cindy Joseph says it a lot better than I can. You can find this vid on her website but I'll put it here in case you don't feel like following the link.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hydrate with High Water Content Fruit and Vegetables

In a past email I had mentioned the fact that you don't have to "drink" all of your water. You can actually "chew" your water.

Another benefit of eating fruit and vegetables with each and every meal is the extra water you'll be consuming without even trying. It's a winning plan because you get all the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated as well!

You can find a printable list of high water fruits and vegetables HERE.

Remember that you don't have to drink a boatload of water to be properly hydrated. This might sound gross but if your urine is very pale yellow you're probably hitting the mark. The one time when this may not be true would be an hour or so after you've taken your daily multi-vitamin. Your urine may be bright urine at that point and it wouldn't mean that you need additional water. Additional water wouldn't hurt you but the bright yellow color might not signal that it's necessary but would rather be a sign that your body is excreting water soluble vitamins at that point.

Drink Up! Or maybe I should say Chew UP!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Horizontal Conditioning and T-Tapp

This is an easy way to blend T-Tapp with the Horizontal Conditioning DVD "Getting Started."

I also want to be honest and tell you that I only tried this combination once using the first of the three 10 -minute workouts the DVD contains in order to create this mini-workout. I did preview the other workouts and feel that any of the 3 workouts would blend in the way I'll describe.

1. A set or two of T-Tapp Hoedowns to warm you up. You can alternately do one set of Hoedowns followed by a set of advanced Hoedowns.

2. Complete the Push-up/Plank section of the HC DVD.

3. T-Tapp Organs in place and Half Frogs.

4. Complete the Abdominal section of HC DVD. If you have to stop to rest use the time to do OIP again.

5. OK, so this is where I deviated from the HC DVD. Instead of doing the lower body work that Sandra does I stood and held T-Tapp stance. This is a better choice for me considering my goals. If you watch Sandra you'll see her right knee rolling in during the squats. It made me cringe to watch it. Finally she pulls her leg in and narrows her stance a bit. If you prefer simply do the lower body section of the HC DVD rather than holding the T-Tapp stance. You could alternately do some Step Away the Inches Moves.

6. Perform T-Tapp Awesome Legs followed by Diva Derriere.

This workout comes in between 20 and 30 minutes depending on how many water breaks to take. That leaves time for a nice walk or other cardio.

You can find the links for all of the T-Tapp movements a mentioned above HERE.

Hopefully if you're reading this you already own the HC DVD. If not you could approximate this workout by doing 3 minutes of traditional push-ups and planks in place of the HC Push-up/plank set. Likewise you could sub 3 minutes of traditional abs/core for the HC abdominal section. Finally, you could use the T-Tapp lower body movements as detailed above.

And that's it, short, sweet, in and out fast.

My intent in creating and sharing this workout is not to say that mixing T-Tapp with traditional exercise is somehow better or will bring "better results." Any change you make in your exercise routine will bring about DIFFERENT results. I created this sane, relatively short workout to stand as a contrast to some of the crazy, long workouts I read about people doing. Less is More.

Quick review of the C DVD Getting Started: This DVD is has fair production values. It's Sandra and a modifier demonstrating the workout. The DVD contains three 10 minute workouts. Each workout contains an Upper Body segment, an abdominal segment and a LB segment. The third workout mixes abdominal movements with LB work. These are no equipment workouts. The workouts look like they are set in an open gym with no equipment (that I remember anyway). I have no memory of music so if it was there it wasn't intrusive.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Loving My New All-In-One Day Cream

I mentioned in a few posts that I was really enjoying my new day cream but wanted to give it time before recommending it. Well, I think it's been long enough that I can unconditionally recommend,
Cindy Joseph's BOOMSILK! I like it enough that I even toyed with the idea of calling her and seeing if I could retail it in our massage office. I never did call however, because in the end I decided that our biz is a bit too small to start stocking outside products to sell.

You can sign up for notifications of member discounts. That's what I did and shortly thereafter she had a CODE for 10% off, which I promptly took advantage of.

I love the fact that this product is 100% natural, organic and free of irritating chemicals. I love the fact that I can use this for both my eye cream and my face cream. I could also use it as body cream - and I'm considering that - but it is a bit costly. The only reason I'm considering trying it as a body cream is that the 8 ounce jar I ordered seems like it's going to last forever. A half a teaspoon will easily do my entire face and neck including my eyes.

When you first apply the cream it feels a bit oily but within a couple of minutes it soaks in and leaves the lightest of protective mantles (that's the bee's wax according to her site). I find it to be the perfect natural version of the silicone based "velvet skin coat" products.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm finding this to be a great cream to use as a counter balance my nightly application of Nerium. 

I also decided to try her BOOM STICKS and will be putting up a review of them later this week.

You might question why I labeled this as a money saver. Using one product for multiple uses saves on ordering and shipping costs or driving to the store to purchase. It also saves on containers that need to be recycled or worse yet put into a landfill. It saves time too. All good stuff.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday with Cindy

I've blogged about Cindy Joseph before but I'm not sure if I mentioned her weekly vlog. I loved the idea she put forth in this week's vlog. I'll be on the wrong coast to participate but I'll be participating in spirit.

PS: Not sure if it was my simplified beauty routine or my new found self confidence but DH noticed a certain glow to my skin when he arrived home after a week away on business. Maybe there's something to this stuff. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking That Final Step Toward True and Lasting Change

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.”   ― Joel Osteen

I really enjoy motivational quotes that can be applied to multiple areas of my life. It allows me to hold onto the quote and ponder it for a while, or for a whole day - or whatever amount of time feels right.

This quote is like that. When we move forward, whether that forward movement is moving to a new healthy eating plan or regular exercise, or skin brushing regularly or a new career or ______ you fill in the blank we are pretty much always leaving something behind. I think it's the leaving behind part that can be the sticking point.

It's scary to leave something behind. It feels a little like you're leaving a bit of yourself or at least your identity behind. I guess when we get down to the bottom line, we have to be willing  - or maybe I should say willing - to swim in the ripples of change we create. Something to think about - especially if the changes you want to make are eluding you.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Couple More Thoughts- not necessarily connected

1. It's quite interest how topic will drive blog traffic. The idea of being ok with getting older isn't especially popular. Maybe because even thinking about it is scary? I guess my reply would be that it's gonna happen whether or not you acknowledge it so you may as well make it as healthy as possible. I guess I'd also remind you of what actresses end up looking like after multiple rounds of all sorts of anti-aging treatments, lotions, potions and surgery. That is not my destiny! I have no time for it and I want to be choosier about where I spend my money.

2. This morning I woke up, rinsed my face with water (per Nerium protocol) and really liked the fact that those "old lady warts" I spoke of before are fading. I plan to try to get some after shots. Not sure I'll be brave enough to share them on the WWW but I'll try to buck up and be brave.

3. Where being pro-age is concerned, I consider the shrinking of these "old lady warts" to be a sign that my skin is healthier. If they disappear or even almost disappear I'll continue to use Nerium.

4. I'm similarly watching two, what I can only imagine would be considered age spots. One of the benefits of being pale is that those kinds of spots don't have a lot of color to begin with - so they are a bit less noticeable. I noticed that they seem to be shrinking as well.

5. So given the fact that the Nerium and my new day cream replace a slew of what are truly and honestly nothing more than anti-aging creams I'm good with this new routine.

6. I downsized my hair care as well. I didn't want to mention it until I was sure I was happy with it. I'm still tweaking the conditioning and styling part but so far it's great - more natural, less $$, though not less products at this point.

7. I just realized that those of you who don't know me are probably imagining my face with the stereotypical witches' warts. They are most definitely not that bad - especially now.

My challenge to you is to consider the Pro-aging ---- Anti-aging continuum and think about where you're comfortable with hanging out on that continuum.

I'm beginning to think about aging in terms of walking. It's easier to walk on level ground. I consider accepting my age and working to be as healthy as possible to be like walking on level ground. It's easier to some degree to walk on a slight downgrade. I consider that to be like throwing my hands up and saying may as well give up, eat junk and stop exercising. Walking uphill is definitely harder - it's ok at first but as the hill gets longer and steeper it tends to suck up all your energy. That's how I feel about going with the propaganda about aging and trying to hold back time. It's not something I want to spend my precious time and money on.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aging Gracefully - What does that mean?

The term "Aging Gracefully" is admittedly one I used to freely throw around but now after reading about Cindy Joseph's concept of ProAging I admit that I'm not sure how I feel about that term.

I embrace her concept that the only thing that we can count on is that we will be in our bodies from the time we are born until the time we leave this Earth. This idea is a major motivation for taking care of your body.

So I think at this point I'm trying to figure out what "ProAging" means to me. Can I define the line between ProAging and AntiAging? Sounds silly but if you think about it you really do need to define that line for yourself in order to establish a set of Self Aging Ethics, if you will.

Dayna had ask what my conclusion was on my Nerium experiment and I really couldn't give her an answer. After more thought I realized that I'm not sure Nerium fits into my long term definition of ProAging. That doesn't mean that it shouldn't fit into your definition. I just wanted to share that I'm trying to figure this out.

So I think that the old question that I used to ask myself on a regular basis - "What do you want your life to look like?" has changed. I've narrowed the focus to "What does self care that honors and celebrates age look like?"

I know that it centers around a healthy, balanced lifestyle. ProAging shouldn't be about not caring about yourself or indulging in habits that are going to age you before your time. HMMM, it's really something to ponder.

If we can define this concept and then live by our definition it will help the joy and radiance in our life flow out around us rather than having arbitrary "things" appear to be true radiance. Does that even make sense?


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Refusing to be Invisible

Between the ages of about 30 until 49 women are accosted by a rath (I'm feeling so ballsy, I made that word up.) of advertising designed to show us exactly what is wrong with us - usually what is wrong is OF COURSE -age related. Then we are told exactly what we need to spend our money on in order to FIX exactly what it is that is wrong with us.

Women have been preyed upon in this way for years. The magazine and media ads often pretend to be interested in helping us feel better about ourselves but like the diet sodas that were supposed to, without effort make us svelt, these ads have had just the opposite effect. They erode our confidence and make us question ourselves.

Round about age 50 the assault kind of disappears and quite frankly, it can be a relief, until that is, you realize that the assault has disappeared because you, yourself, are considered
to be invisible - too old to be worth taking note of - too old to be worth saving from the ravages of aging and fashion faux pas. Too old to be marketed to. Set out to pasture.

HA! Well guess what manufacturers? The freaking joke is on you! A growing number of women of a certain age are thumbing our noses at the idiots that used to hold our self confidence ransom for the price of a bottle of anti-aging foundation! The cool thing about this is that many of us have the disposible income to buy this junk - if we want to - but we're too smart to fall for the smarmy advertising designed to tell us that we are somehow less than we should be.

We ARE or at least can be exactly who and what we want to be and don't need anyone to explain it to us or to guide us - wallet opened - along the path to perfection. We are mature and yes, intelligent enough to figure it out ourselves.

I previously wrote about Cindy Joseph and her wonderful blog. Well today, thanks to NPR
another marvelously supportive blog, "Advanced Style" has popped onto my radar.

The links are well worth investigating but just in case you're short on time I'll leave you with this short video.

You'll notice that she is not blind to things about herself that are less than perfect. She has simply decided not to worry about them and to instead accentuate the positive - and there's a whole lot that is positive! I would say that is a true statement about any of us women. THERE IS A WHOLE LOT THAT IS POSITIVE! Your challenge for the coming week is to make that your mantra!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Being Dragged Screaming into the Future :Windows 8

Not Really - I'm just being dramatic. I'm writing this post from our new lap top, which at this point I'm hating. Actually, I'm not hating the laptop, I'm hating Windows 8. Arrrgh!

Thought for the Weekend: When I computer company gives you a free copy of "Windows 8 For Dummies" simply for registering a product it's a bad sign. ;(

We had considered blowing the wad and purchasing a touch screen laptop or all in one. We had considered going all minimalist and using my most awesome Asus transformer tablet with dock and turning our back on PCs. We had considered moving to Apple - nah, that one didn't float for long at all. Actually I say we but it was mostly me who did the investigation, DH did a lot of nodding and telling me to do whatever I thought best. LOL

In the end we ended up with a decent though not ground breaking laptop. Unfortunately it has Windows 8. I think that W8 would be a better experience if we had gone with a touch screen. The problem with touchscreens is that they aren't really proven - at least not in my eyes. That makes them way more expensive and less responsive and reliable than they will be in 3 or 4 years when we feel we'd be ready to move into something more high tech. So here I am learning a Windows OS that was designed to be used with a tablet or touch screen and therein lies the rub.

Luckily, I seem to be able to figure things out by poking and prodding and I'm getting a handle on it pretty quickly. That doesn't make me like it any better but it at least makes it bearable.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Free: Try T-Tapp - quick short series that really works!

This is one of my favorite short but targeted T-Tapp workouts. It's an awesome workout all by itself when you have no time for a full T-Tapp workout. It can also be used as a mini-bootcamp and/or as the evening workout during what I term a mini-blitz. (I'll outline exactly what I mean in future posts.)

Because it's short and because the movements are stand alone movements it can be a good workout to use in combination with more traditional workouts. I plan to give some examples on how to do this in future posts but the easiest example would be to do a set of hoedowns then take a walk or run and then do the rest of the series of movements upon returning home.

Very best of all despite being among the most effective T-Tapp moves all of these movements are available for free! I've created links which will take you to the descriptions.

Warm-up: One set of hoe downs
Optional: One set of Advanced Hoedowns
Move to the Floor:
Organs in place and Half Frogs
Awesome legs
Diva Derriere

If after using the free resources you feel that you want to see these moves in action - or you just prefer to have a DVD to work with - they're all also available on various T-Tapp DVDs.

I linked to a youtube vid of hoedowns.

You can find Organs in place, Half frogs, hoedowns and advanced hoedowns on the DVD that comes with Teresa's book "Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes" The book is also available on amazon.com This book is a great introduction to T-Tapp that will act as a reference for years to come.

You will find Awesome legs, Diva Derriere, Hoe downs and Jog Rocks on the CRT Skin Brushing Sequence DVD. That link takes you to one of the more complete CRT sets. If you would rather just purchase a brush, brochure and the DVD you can click on the CRT systems and products link at the top of the white box. If you have this dvd you can tack a set of Jog Rocks on after Diva Derriere and really get things going.

I can't say enough about skin brushing. It feels great, it's great for your skin. It's calming and is a great daily - be nice to yourself treat that's really effective.

If you're looking for an intro into T-Tapp the book and the CRT brush and DVD are inexpensive, especially given all you get with them.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mixing T-Tapp With Traditional Exercise

I get questions about this quite often so I thought I'd answer some of the most common questions I get about it.

First of all, and most importantly you NEVER, EVER need to mix T-Tapp with anything. NEVER! It's a stand alone program that works beautifully on its own. The confusion comes in when people start to burn out on it or get bored because they're treating it like traditional exercise and thinking that they need to do more and more and more because that's how to get results. Been there, done that and I have to tell you that whenever I see someone colliding toward this end point I want to scream SLOW DOWN! in an effort to save them from themselves.

The big thing to remember about T-Tapp is that it's super efficient so you will over time need less exercise. (Exercise haters take note of that please.)

That said, you can mix T-Tapp with traditional exercise. There area  few stand alone T-Tapp moves that you can intermingle with more traditional activities and/or movements. There are a few shorter T-Tapp workouts that can be done before short traditional workouts. I never suggest turning T-Tapp+Traditional into a marathon workout unless of course you're training for a marathon because, quite frankly it's totally counter productive.

The T-Tapp movements are sequential and as such are designed to be done in order. That's where the idea that they are boring comes in. Well to that I say, that yoga is done in sequential order and yogis don't find it boring.  that there are actually a lot of benefits to sequential movement - but that's a whole different blog post. My point is that you don't want to break apart this beautifully designed sequence and perform it out of sequence in order to "mix it up."

With those ideas in place I plan to write some blog posts describing some rotations and or short workouts you can do that mix T-Tapp with Traditional exercise. Why would you want to do this given all I've just written?

The main valid reason I can think of is because you have specific sports or strength movements that for whatever reason you need to maintain or you are training for an event and want to knock it out of the ball park.

The biggest reason against mixing Traditional with T-Tapp is because you want to workout longer and harder and longer and harder and you're looking for an extreme puke in a bucket workout. If you're looking for that please move along. I'm happily reformed in that area and healthier for it thank you very much.

If you think you can live with all the rules I just set up feel free to either follow the blog or check out the "T-Tapp Plus Traditional Exercise" Label for new ideas on an occasional visit to the blog.

Many of the ideas I list will be short - 30 minutes or less. None of the ideas I list will be longer than an hour - that's just plan silly. The one exception to that may be if I decide to put up a 6 month marathon training plan. We shall see.

If you have specific requests please place them in the comments section of this post or contact me. Please be patient however, because I have no plans on overtraining myself or messing up my health and physical results in an effort to provide a vast array of workouts of this type.

See you in the gym - well the virtual gym that is.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've got to say that I love the message contained in the following clip. It feels like it aligns with the direction in which I find myself heading.

Yet even as I love it I'm not sure that I'm ready to totally embrace it. I want to embrace it but it's so different than what I've been spoon fed for my entire life that I feel the need to step back and think about it before I toss all my makeup and emerge bare faced into the world to conquer!

I'd be in good company. Even Barbie's doing it - though I heard a rumor that she's had work done. ;)

Read about bare faced Barbie HERE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Healthy Eating & Sane Exercise Thing Works!

It's no secret that I advocate Healthy Eating at the highest level you feel capable of maintaining. I've reviewed a few sources for healthy eating including several cookbooks.
I follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman's recommendations - though not at the most strict level.

I also advocate sane exercise that isn't punishing and frequently share that T-Tapp fits that description to a "T."

So at least some of the proof is in. I was overdue for my physical. I wondered what my cholesterol would look like with having backed off extreme exercise. Well here you go:

Total Cholesterol: 146
Triglycerides: 33
LDL (the bad stuff): 59
HDL (the good stuff): 80

This is without any cholesterol lowering medications and with carrying a few more pounds than I'd like to. Let lifestyle be your medicine!