Saturday, January 31, 2015

IT/TFL Stretch

I want to provide some IT/TFL stretches for my clients who struggle with that issue from time to time. I found two great resources which I'll post below.

Without totally reiterating the info in the resources I want to give you my top suggestions.

1. Your IT/TFL issues didn't develop in a vacuum. I would bet you money that there are repetitive movements and or postural imbalances that are driving your problem. You can stretch and obtain temporary relief but you won't free yourself of the issue until you take care of the other issues that created the problem to begin with. A single or even multiple stretches are basically a bandaid approach to the problem.

2. The body is like running water. It takes the path of least resistance. Stretching a tight muscle is at least mildly painful. Your body is going to try to get away from that discomfort.
This is termed compensation. Our bodies are Houdinis of compensation. No stretch will be effective if there is Myoskeletal compensation present during the stretch. This is why I'm sharing the video below despite his unnecessary and repetitive use of one curse word.

3. If you truly want to be free of your IT/TFL tightness you will need a more comprehensive approach. Both Egoscue and T-Tapp can provide that. To be honest, T-Tapp is probably a little more self help friendly, though Egoscue does have a beginner dvd available. (See my blog post for more info)

4. If you attempt to realign your posture with either T-Tapp or Egoscue and aren't successful. It doesn't mean that the methods don't work - they do work! It may mean that your body is a master of compensation and you may need to have someone trained to see even the smallest of compensations observe, assess and help you feel and eliminate the compensations that are limiting your success.

Now on to the resources:

The can't be embedded so click here and it will open in a new window. (Warning: There is one curse word used repetitively.)

Should that stretch cause knee pain watch this. (Again unnecessary curse word but good info)

5 Great IT Band Stretches (Remember they are only as good as your ability to avoid compensation)

Now go eliminate that tightness!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Organize your home organize your life

Last year we gutted our teeny tiny kitchen and totally remodeled. I'm proud to say that I drew up the plans using graph paper and then the ikea kitchen planner. I even worked three period reproduction pieces into the mix and everything fit seamlessly!

We built and installed the cabinets and hung the reproduction pieces and we are very proud to tell you that when they installed the granite countertops they only needed on 1/8" shim, which we knew they'd need.

I used some tiny house ideas and the result is a teeny tiny kitchen with two fridges, two convection ovens, a 36" farmer's sink, the world's most  and three distinct work areas.

It's been more than a year and we love it more than ever.

Eventually I hope to share pictures or if possibly even a video. (Added a picture. Dogs at dinner time. They love the kitchen too. :) Kitchen is messy. Oh well, life's messy too!)

But for today I'll share a link.  This link will take you to a video on reorganizing your pantry. I particularly love her idea for using dollar store cake pans and marbles to make inexpensive lazy susans.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Board Certified

I'm happy to announce that I'm officially NCBTMB Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

The National Certification  Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is NCCA (National Commission for Certified Agencies) accredited.

Board Certification is the highest credential in the field. It represents a commitment to ongoing education, excellence and research. Since I believe strongly in all three Board Certification has been a goal for me since the certification was first established.