Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Get Ready, Get Set, GLOW!

I've decided to keep a separate personal journal/blog where I can write about my workouts, the foods and recipes we're enjoying and in general the navigation of a joyful life as a woman in my 60's.

I'll leave some topics here but will either delete or migrate others to my journal. If you're interested in checking it out you can find it HERE.  It's currently open but I'm considering closing it to only people who request access should I share before and after pics and other photos. So if you use the link and you can't access the journal just email me.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Practicing Their Stay

From left clockwise, Hutch, Fionna, Reilly
The dogs have gotten good enough at staying on their lounge to be able to have three of them together at once.

They'll ignore a stick I toss and can be counted upon to stay there if I run in the house for a few seconds. However if a chipmunk runs by all bets are off.

Eventually I'll add Fionn to the mix but he tends to get silly in a group. On his own however, he's great - and cute as can be. Wanted to add that Fionn isn't kept away from everyone else all the time! Just during these stay practices.

Fionn (pronounced Finn)

Here are a couple more pics from today's session.

Rebounding - My New Bellicon Rebounder

Rebounding reminds me of bouncing on my bed as a child only it won't upset my Mother.

I've had a high quality rebounder since about 2002 (recently came upon a post I wrote about getting it). That rebounder has springs. I can't tell you the name brand because I've worn it off the mat.

Last month I moved up to the Mercedes-Benz of rebounder - a 49" Bellicon. Bellicon rebounder aren't cheap but they are a bargain because they are built to last and also built to maximize the benefits of rebounding.

Bellicon used to charge up to $100.00 for shipping but shipping is now free. They also have occasional specials. When I bought mine the included three DVDs worth $29.99 free of charge. I'm going to make an effort to review the 17 (I think it's 17) workouts they contain as I weave them into my workout rotations.

If you're a T-Tapper the rebounder can be an amazing adjunct to your workouts. But more about that later.

You can find out more about Bellicon Rebounders HERE I linked to the health benefits but there's a slew more info on the site. I'll talk more about it in future posts.