Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pivotal Living Tracker Update Happy New Year!

This evening I charged and reset my band, uninstalled the old and installed the new software. I still can't set the alarm or activity reminders but the over all functionality of my band and the app is the best so far.

Tonight I received an email from David Donovick, CEO, Co-Founder of Pivital Living. It was an email sent out to all members. It is copyrighted or I would copy it here. Basically he acknowledged the challenges that members have faced with the release of the band and apps. He acknowledged that the response to their product was greater than the resources that they had in place.

He stated that they are increasing their resources and improving customer service. The company stands behind their product, the platform for the product and promises to work to perfect it.

He also stated, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! - customers who purchase a band prior to 1/15/2015 will have their length of membership increased by 12 months for no additional charge. This means two years for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping!

This is a good time to buy but I would still purchase through Amazon since their return policy is so good. If you would like to purchase this band you can do so through this link. Pivotal Tracker 1 Activity and Sleep Monitor [Amazon Exclusive]
Please note that the bands are presently out of stock. Amazon is still taking orders, which means that they should be available soon. Should the wait become too long you can always cancel your order.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pivotal Living Tracker 1 Review!

Is a $12.00 fitness tracking device too good to be true?  The Pivotal living 1 promises to do what those brand name $100.00 fitness trackers do for $12.00/per year. Yes, you pay yearly for app access and the device is free. When I heard about this device there was no way I couldn't order one and it arrived today.

You can now order the Pivotal Tracker 1 Activity and Sleep Monitor [Amazon Exclusive]at Amazon. It's backordered but will be delivered via Prime shipping once available. It's a great way to try it while knowing you can return it hassle free if you're not pleased.

Initially this app was only available for Apple mobile devices. Then today Pivotal Living released the android version of the app. Be forewarned if you attempt to download the app from the google playstore you will most likely get a notice that your device is not compatible. Go to the Facebook page for pivotal living and look under comments. A direct dropbox download link has been posted. (I hope those links I just inserted work properly.)

I was able to download the app to both my HTC One Max and my Kindle Fire HDX 3rd Generation tablet. (I'm amazed and thrilled that it would download to the kindle.) I did a couple sets of hoedowns and it seemed to do them justice as far as step totals. :) I then signed into both apps, one after the other and my totals were there!

I can't figure out the hydration thing as of yet and others have been having the same problem but the company seems responsive and I believe they will be updating the app until it's 100%.

Tonight I'll check out the sleep function.

Honestly, for $12.00 it would be great to simply be able to read your step totals for the day. Having an app that stores them for multiple days is icing on the cake. Or make that soy yogurt on the fruit if you're looking for a healthier analogy.

I've got to go rack up some steps but I'll be updating this review as I give this baby a run for its money.

Editing this post to add a LINK that the company provided to explain tracking your hydration. Easy peasy! Who needs a $100.00 tracker!

Editing this post to state that the sleep function worked amazingly well. Also wanted to update that I wasn't able to get the alarm function to work but the company is aware and as responsive as they seem I'm assuming that they are working on it.

There's an additional function that reminds you to move every 10 minutes. It's not working yet but when the company does get everything up and working this band will be a thing of beauty for $15.00 shipped.

Editing to add an Android update link. Please note that while the previous update left some people with a fully functional app it didn't work for me. It left my app unable to update. I ended up uninstalling it and downloading the original version. I'm going to wait to see if it updates on its own.

Editing to share the fact that this band has gotten more and more problematic. The company seems to be trying to fix the issues but I'm wondering why they didn't do more testing pre-release. They've apparently fired their entire engineering team and are hiring another team. This sounds a bit like they're pushing off the blame. Was the original team working in a vacuum without oversight from higher ups? At this point I'm not bothering to wear my band but will watch for updates in case they get their app together.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Quintessential Bodyworks is expanding

I'm always providing stretches and exercises for clients but now I'll be able to take it a step further. We'll be outfitting and putting the final touches on our rehabilitative exercise room over the next month and a half. The room is small but my plan is to keep any group offerings small in order to allow for plenty of individualized attention. I'll also be offering our regular massage clients some freebies. More on that soon.

I am so incredibly blessed! I received an early Holiday gift of not only my Egoscue PAS courses but also the texts I need for the class and the promise of an Apple laptop that I've been told I'll need for the ePete student software along with the Egoscue box, tower and other props I'll need to open shop.

OK, so wait. It gets better. I was also gifted with the first year of Katy Bowman's new certification program plus the text books I'll need for it!

To be honest I was initially worried about attempting the two together but once I downloaded the first Egoscue lesson and found that the two really align beautifully. The best part of all this is that they also sync so perfectly with my massage style. There are already subtle responses I'll be on the lookout for during a massage session that I hadn't thought about before.

But what about T-Tapp you may ask? Well, one lesson and I am already aware of several key ways in which someone can look as if their T-Tapp is correct and yet have almost invisible deviations that certainly would impact muscle activation and  by extension their results. In other words, these courses will no doubt make me a better trainer.

The coolest thing is that none of this would be possible had I not committed to The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life and nourished my body so completely. I really believe that! ETL keeps my head clear, my stress level low and my muscles stronger. We really are what we eat.

I'll be sharing more soon.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cute Dog Drawing

Our son Beau created this pencil drawing for Reed for his birthday. Beau used one of our favorite pictures of Reilly and Fionna plus a couple of other pictures for reference to create it. The picture actually doesn't do it justice mostly because I'm no photographer!