Monday, July 27, 2015

Mini Eggplant Pizzas

I started with THIS RECIPE. I used low sodium pizza sauce and a small amount of vegan cheese. Far less than pictured.

The cheese I used was Follow Your Heart cheese.  My family feels it's the best vegan cheese they've tried to date.

As a rule I don't eat cheese, even vegan cheese, but as a rare treat I'd choose Follow Your Heart.

Typically I'd skip the cheese and sprinkle on a 50/50 mid of almond flour and nutritional yeast in its place.

These pizzas were a big hit and super simple to make.

Friday, July 24, 2015

FDA approves new cholesterol drug....

.....and it will only cost $14,600.00 a year! Yet, I bet some people will be willing to spend that kind of money to take this drug. And, some of those folks will be the same folks who complain that eating a plant based diet is too expensive!!

You can read about this latest wonder drug HERE.

The question is whether this drug will be more effective than the current cardiology favorite, statin drugs are at preventing heart attacks. I mean, statins are effective at preventing heart attacks....right? They are!....... right? RIGHT??? Welllll actualllly NOT SO MUCH. (You'll need to read to the middle of the article to find the good 'er actually bad news.)

So what has this gal's plant based diet done for her cholesterol? Dropped my LDL ("L" for the "Lousy" cholesterol)  from around 108 at age 38 to 54 at age 59. Hmmmm 54 is in the same range as that new wonder drug is supposed to be able to drop LDL. Except know I didn't have eat $14,600.00 worth of vegetables to hit that number. I rest my case.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Great Way to Begin Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

It's a rare day that I don't have a green smoothie. A green smoothie is a great portable meal and also an excellent craving buster. More nutients are readily available because the fruits, seeds, nuts and Vegetables or greens are broken down by the blades of the blender.

You can make a green smoothie in a standard blender but you'll have to chop the ingredients smaller. The end result may also not be as smooth and creamy. If you make one daily you could also burn your blender out! 

For that reason a variety of specialty blenders have appeared on the market.
We have a full sized Vitamix. We've actually had a Vitamix for the last 30+ years. We're on our second machine, which was an upgrade. We bought our first when there was nIothing available like it. It's  workhorse of a machine that will last almost forever! They're made in America, with primarily American sourced parts. The only downside is price. They cost a lot. You can save some money by purchasing a refurbished model. I'm a die hard Vitamix fan.

I thought we'd purchase a personal Vitamix when we decided we needed a travel blender for a trip we'll be taking in September (more on that later let's just say it involves an island.).
However once I saw the price I decided to investigate a few other personal blenders.

Initially, I thought we'd buy a Nutri Bullet. It was the reviews and only 900 watts of power that deterred me. Despite that I know people who love them.

Then I thought we'd get a Hamilton Beach personal blender.  I know people who use this blender and really like it. One told me it crushes the ice she puts in with her smoothie ingredients. It's a great blender for the money, not terribly powerful but if you chop things small and blend for a while you could be ok.

We finally ended up ordering a Nutri Ninja Auto IQ.  We got ours as a QVC special. I linked to the Amazon page that shows the various packages that are available with this blender. We ordered the basic blender I linked to. After receiving it and making two smoothies yesterday, I believe that I made the right choice.

For the first smoothie I overfilled it past the fill line. It performed admirably but left just a trace of kiwi seed residue. For the second smoothie I used a quartered apple with the skin, a third of a cucumber, quartered and again with skin, flax seeds, cherry juice, frozen blueberries and romaine lettuce. I put the ingredients into as specified and ended up with a sweet and delicious smooth smoothie. YUM! The IQ function starts and stops the blender, which tosses the ingredients so they blend smoothly. It works! No taking the blender cup off to shake stuck chunks of ingredients into the blades. It's load but not quite as load as our Vitamix.

The blender cups are of good quality, BPA free, as good as my Vitamix containers. Clean up is a breeze, though this would be true for any small blender with removable blades. The screw on travel lids allow you to blend and go. If you have questions I'd be happy to answer them, or try to.

So here's a very basic green smoothie template.

1 very small banana (or fresh or frozen mango if you dislike banana)
1cup (small handful) greens (I recommend baby spinach for beginners) - in a pinch frozen works as well.
1/2 - 1 cup of berries or cherries
1 tablespoon seeds (flax or Chia work well, sunflower too)
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (for chocaholics but otherwise optional)
1/2 cup water, but milk, or cherry or POM juice.

Place ingredients into blender and blend until smooth and you've got goodness that tastes like dessert. If you're making this in a personal blender you may have to cut back the amounts of each ingredient and do two batches.

Bon Appetite!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Angiogenesis Inhibition take 2

I'm starting a second blog post on this subject because the first was turning into the longest blog post in the world, with added videos and links, etc. You can find that first post HERE.

I also wanted to say that I don't think very highly of the Dr. Oz touted green tea sold by the Angiogenesis Foundation. I don't trust any Foundation until I see what percentage of the money taken in goes back out in the form of research dollars. So I won't be buying their tea until I find out a bit more about them - but actually I don't need their tea - see my link below

My other issue is that one, or two or even 6 cups of tea a day really just act like a supplemental bandaid. When we think we can take the easy way out and drink some tea we're just kidding ourselves. Thinking it's as easy as a cup of tea also gives us permission to ignore the foods we're eating that may be completely off setting the small benefit we may get from that tea.

THIS WEBSITE talks about vegetables that have angiogenesis inhibiting abilities. The information is framed around cancer prevention.That's because cancerous tumors need a blood supply to exist and grow, cut off that blood supply and the tumor can't survive. Adipose tissue, good old body fat, needs a blood supply to exist and grow, cut off that supply and it can't exist. Who doesn't like a two for one bargain? 

This is a great explanation of how angiogenesis inhibition can conceivably prevent cancer. If you click on THIS link you'll see the page where I found the video. Below it are a bunch of great related videos.

This TED talk is simply THE best explanation of angiogenesis and how it relates to cancer and obesity and why food may be the answer. The obesity info begins around 14:42 but it's worth it to watch the entire presentation in order to get the full picture.

I've got to give Dr. Joel Fuhrman a huge nod. He nailed this concept in his book EAT TO LIVE  years before anyone else was thinking about it.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Angiogenesis and fat loss

I just became aware of this amazing power lifter through a response by Dr. Fuhrman on his ask the doctor forums.

His name is Nate Jordan and he's the only strict nutritarian powerlifter in the world. What's interesting is that he weighs less than 170 pounds but can read lift 475# without a belt!
Even more amazing is the fact that he has 4 percent body fat! A power-lifter who's built like a bodybuilder.
In the bottom video he talks about angiogenesis and how what we eat can inhibit it in order to inhibit our body fat percentage. What's really cool works! There are more videos on his YouTube channel. I'm not sure how this text became highlighted but I can't get it to go away.

Ok so this just keeps getting better. Check out video three. He lost 100 pounds!

This post has been way more popular than I ever imagined it would be. I've had a couple people say that they can't view the videos so I'm going to find written info to link to. One problem I'm having is that much of the info I'm finding has been published by groups with a vested interest in the almighty $$$. They tend to choose the foods they list accordion the $ they will bring in rather than the foods that are actually the most nutrient dense.

Never fear, I'll find what I'm looking for.


There are more articles and videos HERE. The TED talk goes into the fat loss and obesity connection at about 14:42.