Sunday, February 28, 2016

I could NEVER _______!

As someone who helps people achieve their lifestyle change goals I hear those three words quite often. 

I could never give up _______!
I could never eat ______!
I could never be ______!
I could never do ______!

...and on and on.

Quess what? You're right! You could NEVER! And you won't EVER!

Well then....did you expect me to correct you? Talk you into believing that you could? If I did talk you into it, you might be able to do the thing you thought impossible......for a while....but chances of you achieving long term success wouldn't be great. Why? Because my belief that you can do it isn't as powerful as your belief that you could NEVER.

So here's the challenge. Next time you find yourself saying or thinking some variation of those three words turn the conversation on its head.

Stop in your tracks and ask yourself what you could do.  What are you 100% sure as sure that you could do. No slips or cheats allowed. Then commit to doing it for a week.

If you're successful then at the end of the week ask yourself the question again and set out to do what you know you can do - nothing more, nothing less.

And if you slipped up? Ask your self the question again and listen to the answer carefully. I promise that over time you'll get better at listening to yourself.