Friday, July 1, 2016

Nice Free Meal Planning Site

It's called Lighter and you can find it HERE. There are pay versions but I chose to test run the free version.

There are several things that I really like. You are able to choose your appetite size. You're able to choose the number of people you're feeding and their appetite sizes. You may choose which meals you want recipes for and which foods you do not want included, for example meat alternatives or soy. You can even choose people, athletes, health gurus, etc. and follow the the way that they eat. (Drs. Neil Barnard and Michael Greger are included.) It provides you with a grocery list. You may trade out recipes. Best of all you may choose the amount of time you have for prepping and cooking each meal!

Definitely a site worth checking out. It is plant based eating but if nothing else you can use it to plan meatless Mondays! :)