Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Kind of Dogs Are Those?

It's a question we hear often when we're out and about. It's usually followed by; "Where'd you get them?"

I tend to post pictures of our dogs simply because they are a huge part of our lives. Never ever a day a day passes where they fail to inject humor, love, affection and radiance.

We are no stranger to Jack Russell Terriers. We enjoyed being owned by two female American JR Terriers for close 16 and 17 years. Despite the joy there was also sadness because neither of our girls was really all that healthy. Morgan had eye and liver issues. Molly had eye and joint issues. The eye issues began at age 2 for both of them and required multiple surgeries. Morgan also had some temperament issues. She was fine with family but not with outsiders and forget introducing her to another dog!

Starsky the Alpha Pet
After they had both passed we wanted another JRT but wanted to try to find a breeder who put health and temperament above all else. At that point we had our beloved cat Starsky and having a JRT similar to Morgan and Molly would not have been possible given their temperaments. We would have simply not gotten another dog if it meant having Starsky stressed. He is - after all - the alpha pet.

We found the perfect solution first in Hutch and now in Reilly.
They are our two Connemara Jack Russell Terriers. Hutch is now headed toward 2.5 years old and Reilly is headed toward 1.5 years old and our experience with them could not be more different than that with our first JRTs. That second picture is Reilly. Hutch has a smooth AKA short coat. Reilly has a Rough AKA long coat.

These little guys are amazingly adaptable, well adjusted, easy to train and a joy to be around. Even Starsky loves them! I'm not kidding. They all can often be found together just hanging out, playing and/or chilling.

Yikes I've run on but it's hard not to when you are talking about a part of your life that you find so revitalizing. I encourage you to find something you feel every bit as passionate about. Your passion might not be pets and it might not be wellness or massage therapy. That said, I do encourage you to find and live your passion because life is just so much sweeter.

Tomorrow I'll share the answer to the second most common question we hear about our dogs.

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