Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remodeling - with help

Remodeling is always a challenge - even if you're simply replacing worn appliances and cabinets as we are. Luckily for us we have a full crew of Connemara Terriers at the ready to assist with the finer points of the project.

 First a picture of three of the four on a regulation break from construction.

Fionn seems to be the dog that takes to home remodeling most. Here he is doing a consultation on a difficult aspect of a cabinet installation.

 His attention to detail is amazing. He double checks everything!

His approach is often non-traditional. This is how he checks for a level cabinet. Apparently if he doesn't slide out - it's level enough.

And finally a shot of Reilly - who loves to lavish praise for a job well done - whispering, "Good job Dad!"

Where is Starsky the cat, you might ask? He was actually sitting on a stack of cabinet doors watching the proceedings from a very safe distance. He likes the job of foreman.


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