Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fionna and Fionn's First Snow Adventure

It was a very short adventure because it's cold here. The pups were only outside for a few minutes but they got a chance to experience what it feels like to wear a coat and Fionn managed to roll into a snow pile and cover himself head to toe in snow. (I didn't catch that on the video but you can see all the snow on this sweater.)

Getting Ready to go Outside
This is a picture of Fionna in her coat and Fionn in his sweater. (Hand me downs from Hutch to Reilly and then Reilly to the pups)

                                                This is a short video of their time outside.

I promise to get back to regular wellness blogging soon but for the time being we're preoccupied with pets.



Teresa Tapp said...

ahhhh.... congratulations on your new fur babies! They are PRECIOUS! Happy New Year! Hope we can connect during 2013.... miss you lots! T

Lannette Madden said...

Thank you Teresa, for your congratulations and your good wishes. I miss you and the T-Tapp staff too. We most definitely need to connect during 2013.