Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Guess you had to be There: T-Tapp Moment

Fionn napping - He's quite laid back. LOL!
Puppies do better with a schedule. I go to work early so the pups and I get up at around 4:05-4:15 am. It's amazing that I almost always wake up before the alarm but I do. :)

Pups are toileted - they are doing so well in this area - especially given the fact that it's winter and CCCCCold! Then we stoke the fire - again because it's CCCCold - about 25 below zero. Then I load their food puzzles and they anticipate while a cup of tea steeps. Then it's into the TV room where they play with their toys and chew their bones while I T-Tapp. They are used to this schedule and will often head to the next destination before asked to follow me.

At first they would only allow me enough time to do a few moves, then they graduated to Basic Workout Plus. These days it's "Healthy Hormones Menopause Management."

By the time I get  I get to T-Tapp Twist I give them the first food puzzle. Teresa says the words "T-Tapp Twist before we actually do the movement. Today when she first said those words, Fionn looked up from where he was busily chewing his toy, walked over the desk where I put the filled puzzles and barked as if to say, "She said it! She said it! It's puzzle time!"

I guess you had to be there......

I'm really enjoying this DVD! This is my second bootcamp using it, During my first bootcamp I actually lost 3" off my ribs! We'll see what happens this time. I reviewed it previously and you can find that review HERE.

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